Check out the player below for the most current selection of fresh Rap Beats and Instrumentals. Every beat is composed from scratch without any third party samples, so you never have to worry about sample clearance issues. If you want to buy cheap trap beats then look no further. Nobody makes hard-hitting instrumentals like we do! Need a beat tailored to your own individual needs? No problem, send a mail to [email protected] and we will make your vision come to life.





E.Mollusk Beats is a european Rap Production company. Our mission is to supply upcoming and established rappers with high quality beats at affordable prices. After purchase the tags on the beats are removed which leaves you with clean instrumentals. At checkout you will be supplied with a contract that details the terms of use. In general, just be sure to give us production credits at the release of your song.

Please also subscribe to our social media channels, which we use to promote new instrumentals and sometimes even free beats. Every now and then we will drop some sampled beats free of charge.

If you have any doubts or questions about the contracts be sure to message us.